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Vetralla has a strong vocation for olive cultivation and, until not long ago, was also covered with small vineyards.

The soil is tufaceous, of volcanic origin, deep, sandy to medium texture, with limited fertility. The climate, influenced by both the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Cimini Mountains, is breezy, temperate and tends to be dry, with good temperature ranges between day and night.
The basis of our work is respect for the soil, which is also a living organism, for the plants, for the animals, for those who work with us and for those who buy our products. Climate change, however, presents new obstacles, and a dynamic understanding of the land is increasingly necessary.

Organic, the only way forward in the field and in the cellar

During the transformation process we work the grapes as delicately as possible in order not to alter their characteristics. We use both indigenous yeasts and selected NO GMO yeasts, interpreting what the raw material requires to obtain a high quality product.

New Crops, Resistant Plants

Aronia Melanocarpa

A plant so robust and hardy that it has almost zero impact on the environment. Harvesting usually starts in mid-September and lasts until October.

Aronia has extraordinary health-promoting properties, mainly due to its enormous amount of antioxidants. Native to North America, it has spread to Central and Eastern Europe, particularly to Poland, the main European producer.


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