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Organic farming since 1983

Villa Chiarini Wulf di Mattina
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We are convinced that the choices made must contribute to environmentally positive development.


Our products are designed to make your days carefree and tantalizing.

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Finding the balance

On our farm we grow Aronia Melanocarpa berries and olive trees of the Canino variety.

Because they contain so many antioxidants, aronia berries are rich in extraordinary health-promoting properties. They are also robust and hardy plants that do not require any treatment.

The Canino, an illustrious native variety of Tuscia, produces a particularly structured and tasty oil, rich in antioxidants and with a high concentration of Tocopherol (vitamin E).


A healthy diet can counteract the excessive formation of free radicals and help the body regain or maintain its balance.

Morning Aronia

Polyphenols, in which aronia is rich, are probably the best agents against free radicals, responsible for ageing and various diseases.

Aronia Melanocarpa

Health properties

40mmol / 1L

These are molecules capable of inhibiting the oxidation of other molecules.

40mg / 100ml

They are a large class of natural organisms including phenols, flavonoids, catechins, anthocyanins, stilbenes and tannins.

150mg / 100g

They are capable of neutralising free radicals and oxidising molecules produced by metabolism.

40mg / 100ml

They are a category of natural antioxidants that aid physiological activities such as the anti-inflammatory response, cellular metabolism and the response to oxidative stress.

Wines to Share

Expressing the variety of grapes at their best.

During the transformation process, the grapes are processed with as little impact as possible.

Our seasonings, white vinegar, red vinegar and balsamic dressing, are the result of constant work and research to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of the raw material and achieve a healthy product. 

Our values


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